For those of you who have been following me a while, you may remember my now-defunct baseball newsletter, Out of Your League. It was a fun thing that I loved doing, but I launched it when I was trying to make in-roads to a full-time baseball writing gig. In the years since, my focus has pivoted to longform narrative journalism, which hasn’t left much free time for newsletter-writing (it turns out that reporting 5,000-word stories takes a lot of time?).

But as a freelancer, it’s hard to create an easy way for people to follow my work. Tweets are hard to miss, I don’t have other social media accounts, and I feel like an egomaniac asking people to set up a Google alert for my name to know when I publish something. So this newsletter is going to be a way for me to share the work I’m doing, as well as a bit about the process of doing it.

Welcome to Still Out of Your League.

Maybe it’s because I’m a reporter myself, but I’m a sucker for behind-the-story content. I also love talking about my reporting process and all the stuff that doesn’t make it into a story, or the parts of the job that most people never see. So I’m going to use this space to do that.

If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you were subscribed to the first iteration of Out of Your League. If you no longer want to follow my work, feel free to unsubscribe to this version of the newsletter. I won’t be offended! If you know someone who is a fan of my work and you think they’d want to subscribe to something like this, please forward it along!

For the time being, this is going to be a free newsletter. If you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed with subscription fees to publications and Patreons and newsletters. I feel weird asking people to pay money to read about my work, so I’m not going to do that. Maybe down the road I’ll add features for paying subscribers, but that’s not a priority for me right now.

I’ve got six feature stories in the works right now (I interviewed Billie Jean King today for one of them πŸ‘€), as well as some other exciting career stuff going on, so there will be a lot of content to follow here. I hope you’ll come along with me!

Yeah, I'm still out of your league.

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